F is for “Finding Nemo”

Oh, my, yes! Finding Nemo, one of Mari’s very favorite movies. If we’d allow her to she’d watch it all day along with Cars, and Jonah: A Veggies Tales Movie. Her little arms would flap in excitement as she watched one of them play our before her.

What I noticed about Mari is she never liked movies that had people in them, or if they did it was very small parts, like all the Disney Princess movies. She just had no interest whatsoever. However, is a movie or a TV program had animals, that was her thing. She loved “The Backyardigans”, “Dora the Explorer”, “Go, Diego, Go”, “The Wonder Pets“, and so many others like this.

Her excitement was always so contagious. Sometimes I’d just sit on her bed and watch her watch a movie. She could always put a smile on my face. On those rare occasions she’d even come up and sit on my lap. For those who have a child with autism or know someone who has one then you know how special and rare this is. It’s moments like those that have left an everlasting imprint on my memory as I recall those special times.

I know I added this YouTube clip a couple of days ago, but I want to show it here again because you can see her excitement as she watches the movie. I hope you enjoy.


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  1. I’m totally reminded of Preston, an VERY autistic boy I was blessed to work with from the age of 6 to 8. He LOVED horses, and he also very much liked Nemo. He couldn’t stand music though. If people started singing, he freaked out. *shrugs* Guess that’s just one extra way he was sensitive.

    • Crystal, it’s always so amazing just how different those with autism really are. My daughter loves singing. When we were in church she’d get so excited during worship singing that she would flap her arms in excitement and then kind of maker her own special sounds letting us know how very much she was enjoying herself. Most of the time we’d hold her in our arms even at her 45 to 50 pounds as we loved to watch her and see her so excited.

  2. My friend has a son with autism so I can understand through her just how special those moments of affection can be. Thank you for sharing your daughter with us. She really is an angel. I’m grateful you had her in your life.

    AJ’s wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

    • Oh thank you Elsie. She really was one very special little girl. I know I’m blessed because I’m her mommy. And she is able to continue to bless people when I write about her so others can see just how special she really was and the beauty she held not only on the outside but the inside, too.

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