G is for Gummy Bears

GMari loved her candy and especially gummy bears. She’d get a little smile on her face as she at her sweets. After she was done she be all sticky and have it all gooped in her hair. I’d have to immediately put her in the bathtub to get the stickiness all gone and make her all nice and clean again.

There were so many times that after Mari had eaten something that’d you’d wonder if she actually got any of it in her mouth or not because it looked like it was all in her hair, on her face, and all over the front of her clothes if she didn’t wear a bib.

Toward the last couple of months of her life I ended up having to make my own bib pattern and sew them for her so that I’d have a bib big enough for her. They were really nice. I used the type of plastic you’d use to make homemade picnic tables with. They had some of the cutest designs. Once I was all done with them they did the job perfectly.

mari adorable 002


  1. I’m very sorry to hear about your child!

    That was a nice story, thanks for sharing! : )

    • Joseph, thank you so much. I love sharing stories about my little angel. She was a very special little girl and through the words I write I know her memory continues on even though she’s not physically here with us.


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