L is for Laughter

LLaughter can be infectious. Laughter can be so much fun. Laughter can change the mood in an instant.

When I think of laughter, my daughter‘s image often comes to mind. She’d be sitting in her high chair eating whatever it was (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack) and I’d be doing whatever (think like cleaning or something else) and out of nowhere this laughter would fill the room. For no apparent reason at all Mari sat there just laughing. You’d stand there watching her and you couldn’t help but smile at this little girl who appeared to be laughing at nothing. Yet for Mari, whatever it was happened to be incredibly funny. It’d get to the point sometimes that you could help but laugh with her.

I miss those little like that. Those time when you could just look at her and you’d smile. Laughter makes the heart swell and brings happiness to dreary days.

Do you have a moment you remember of laughter?



  1. Hi Kristena, its needs a big heart to remember those memories without a tear. Specially when i am writing about how motherhood has dragged me into post partum depression and everything that is wrong about it.

    Your post made me stop and think, what if .

    Hugs from Bangalore, India

    • Wow, thank you for your sweet comments. I’m always amazed when I read ones like yours because it lets me know that my words do really resonate with someone else and that I do have a purpose for them. I know when my daughter was alive I had many times where I felt miserable and so down due to how hard her autism could be sometimes. And now I look back at those time with a smile and realize how special both fun times and the hard times where. All the memories are so cherished. I know raising our daughter wasn’t easy but Mari was a very special little girl where you knew your life was blessed just having known her. I love her and miss her lots but I know that someday I’ll get to see her again.

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