Q is for Quilt #atozchallenge

QMari and her quilts. She was a little girl who loved her blankets and especially those that were quilts.

When she was small, maybe two or three, she fell in love with this quilt that had been handmade by her great-grandmother. She love this quilt so much it was literally falling apart. I felt so bad because Keith’s mom wanted to protect it but Mari loved it so much it had become very well-worn.

When she was about four I made her a purple, pink, gray and black check quilt. I sewed it on the sewing machine. It was big enough that it fit a double bed. She slept with that quilt every night. She’d even wrap herself up in it at night or when she’d walk around the house. Blankets were always her thing. We buried her with her favorite Precious Moments blanket as that was her all time favorite.

We usually sleep with either her bedspread quilt on our bed at night or the one I made her. Either way it’s like she’s close to us in some small way.


This is the comforter she had with her bed along with her favorite Precious Moments blanket.


I couldn’t find a picture with Mari and her blanket but this is the blanket I made.
It has a our niece/daughter Athena on it when she was about 22 months old.

Mari's Last day 9

I had a hard time trying to find a picture of Mari with her quilt before she got sick. Since I could find one, I decided to show you a picture with her quilt on her last day. The man you see looking down at her is Grandpa, my husband’s dad. We still alternate between sleeping with this quilt and the one that was her comforter pictured first on this page.


  1. Another one for quilts. :) I love quilts. They are so cozy and beautiful. My mom makes a lot of quilts so I have a nice supply of different kinds. I love the quilt in the first picture. It’s so sweet, and looks like something I would’ve had as a girl. :)

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