X is for eXceptional #AtoZchallenge

XWhen I think of exceptional I think of Mari, and I could talk about everything I think that is exceptional about Mari but I think I’ve done that already this month.

However, as many of you know I’ve been writing a memoir about what happened with our daughter and how we lost her. In the story I’m including some very special pictures that were taken by a very special man who has a big heart. His name is Todd Hochberg. He is a professional photographer who gives of his time to those parents who have to say permanently goodbye to their child. What he does for the parents is considered priceless to them.

He is called in on the last day of the child‘s life and he takes photos of the families with their last moments with the child they are losing. He did this for us with our beautiful baby girl.

I called him today to ask permission if I may use the pictures he took from her last day and put them in the book I wrote. He has said yes. He is even sending me a CD with all the pictures on them. All I can say is I feel blessed that God put this man in our lives. He photo documented every last moment we had with Mari and he did it all with having us pose for a single picture. I was important to be organic to the situation because of how serious it was with losing Mari. The way he did it was truly special. I know I will forever be grateful for these pictures.

So, for my word today, I believe that Todd is a truly exceptional person who deserves our praises for the big heart he has in doing this.


  1. What a priceless gift he gave you! I hope the wonderful, caring photos help comfort you.

  2. Kristena: Thank you for sharing these very private moments. I just keep thinking how strong you and your family have been. By being open about the loss of your daughter, I am sure that you are ministering to others who have faced such a loss. And God bless Todd for having such a heart to minister in such a way.

    • Oh Fay, thank you for your beautiful comment. It has really touched me. It’s sometimes hard to look at yourself as strong only because you’re in it and life hasn’t given you a choice. But I do understand why people see me that in that I have not given into the grief of losing my daughter. I’ve been able to see the many blessings bestowed in my life through a great tragedy. For me sharing her story is almost like it’s apart of my life blood. It’s who I am now and I know without question that God has given me the ability to write which I feel honored, humbled and blessed as a result.

      My daughter’s memoir is finally done and is almost ready to send out to beta readers. My hope is that when they read it they will not only get to know me and my daughter a little more along with many family members and friends, but that they will see even through great tragedy that God is still there. While we may never understand His plan, we can be thankful to know He is there getting us through those hard, tragic times and He then blesses us through them and giving us the strength to get through.

      Thank you again for your heartfelt words. They have touched me. :)

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