Reflecting back over the A to Z Challenge #AtoZchallenge

A-to-Z Reflection [2014]I’ve now done the A to Z Challenge two years in a row. However, this year I took on an added challenge of my own by not only doing it on this site but also my author site ( I may not have always got my post up on time, which only happened a couple of times, I did get every letter written in the month of April on both sites.

Just like last year, for this year’s challenge I chose to do each letter about Mari in some way. In a way I hope people could see through each letter as I posted it the love I still have for my little girl and how much she is missed.

After doing the A to Z Challenge last year I couldn’t wait to do it again this year. The same is still true for next year as well. I may not know yet what I will do it on but know this is my confirmation now that I fully plan to do it again. I hope you will join me again next year as well.

000 1aIf you missed any of the posting from the month of April, here is what I did each letter on:


2  “Backyardigans
chewy tube
7  “Finding Nemo
gummy bears
10  independent
11  jump
12  kiss
13  (off)
14  laughter
15  Mari’s world
16  nonstop
17  opens a door, window or gate
18  potty time
19  quilt
20  (off)
21  remember
22  special education
23  time
24  unique
25  vibrant
26  water
27  (off)
28  eXceptional
29  young
30  zoom zoom


  1. Well done for completing the challenge. What a beautiful memorial to your daughter.

  2. Hello there. Congratulations on completing the challenge! Visiting from the A-Z Road Trip. You might also find the scripture at Acts 24:15 helpful.
    Entrepreneurial Goddess

  3. Hello there.
    Congratulations on completing the challenge! Thanks for sharing. I’m just stopping by briefly before the next A-Z Challenge begins. Visiting from the 2014 A-Z Road Trip.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess

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